Why Join

For nearly 60 years, COTAPSA has represented thousands of City of Toronto non-union employees on issues that matter to them. Our advocacy is more important today than it has ever been before.

There are two major benefits you receive as a member of COTAPSA:

  1. COTAPSA will support you with professional Human Resources and Labour Relations advice, advocacy and, if required, legal representation should you find yourself in a situation where you feel the City is treating you unfairly. We can only provide this support if you’re a member!

  2. COTAPSA advocates for our broader membership in terms of employment, wages and City policies that impact all our members. The more COTAPSA members we have, the stronger our voice will be!

Some of you may not know about COTAPSA. Others know but don’t join, thinking they won’t need us, only to find when a problem arises, they’re alone. Ensure your employment rights are represented!

We are funded through voluntary membership dollars. A tax deductible, $12 per pay allows COTAPSA to advocate for you. Think of your membership as ’employment accident insurance’ – ensuring we are here when you need us.

What we do

COTAPSA meets regularly with City Officials:

  • Councillors
  • City Manager
  • Deputy City Managers
  • Senior Officials

COTAPSA presents issues and deputes to various City Committees:

  • Budget Committee
  • General Government Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Benefits Review Committee
  • People and Equity/COTAPSA Committee
  • Occupational Health and Safety Co-ordinating Committee

COTAPSA Advocates for improvements to terms and conditions of employment in:

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Job Evaluation
  • City Policies

COTAPSA Monitors City Policies and Practices to ensure fairness and equity in:

  • Sick Leave Policy
  • Lieu Time/Overtime Policy
  • Acting Assignment Policy
  • Hiring Practices
  • Human Rights Complaints
  • Unused Vacation Days
  • Performance Management
  • Mileage Increase
  • Division Reorganizations

COTAPSA Represents Members in the following areas:

  • Job Evaluation, Request for Reconsideration
  • Letters of Expectation
  • Termination Packages
  • Workplace investigations and other Disciplinary Actions
  • Human Rights Complaints