With Each Membership, We Grow Louder and Stronger

Membership in COTAPSA Speaks Volumes!

COTAPSA's Role Is:

  • To represent the interests of the Members of the Association.
  • To obtain the views and concerns of the Members and to present such views to the administration and/or City Council.
  • To promote a high standard of conduct and efficiency in the civic service and to promote continuous co-operation with City Council.
  • To regulate Employee Relations between non-union and management employees and the City of Toronto.

Let Us Help You Resolve Workplace Issues

COTAPSA is here to advise, advocate or act on your behalf on issues such as:



For Less Than $1 a Day, You Get... A Lot!

Your dues as a COTAPSA member are only $12 per pay period, and they’re tax deductible.

Membership Provides:

  • Lobbying power against changes that might negatively impact terms and conditions of employment
  • Timely, valuable information about the impact of proposed legislated or policy changes
  • Personal and confidential consultation with professional staff on employment and other related human resource matters
  • Representation on your behalf
  • Access to professional staff and processes for effectively resolving disputes with the City
  • Proven leadership and advocacy in improving the terms and conditions of employment
  • Informative Bulletins
  • Legal advice and representation, for qualifying cases, when required
  • Membership in a group that listens to what you have to say
  • The opportunity to participate, network, and effect positive organizational change
  • Experience from over forty years of service
  • Special members-only offers
  • Peace of mind, being part of a knowledgeable and sympathetic group that’s ready to help you when you need it most
  • A voice that’s heard


Access exclusive insurance rates!
Receive discounts of 25% on automobile and 20% on property insurance.

Preferred rate of $80 per month plus HST when joining The Executive fitness centre!

Exclusive Member Offer!
Enjoy full access to at $11.99 for the first 4 months.

Join CAA at Corporate Discounted Rates.
Save up to $52 off a CAA Corporate membership!

And... Coming in January 2017, for COTAPSA Members Only!...

Discounts on everything from entertainment and restaurants to shoes and travel. Instant access to over 1,200 perks for you and your family!

Now That's $12 Well Spent!

I have been rated lower on my performance planner than I deserve...

I have been given a Letter of Expectation...

I have been suspended for alleged misconduct...

I have been terminated...

I have a serious illness that requires me to take more time away from work...

I can't believe this is happening to me!

If an issue ever arises, you can be confident knowing that, as a Member of COTAPSA, you already have the power of an Association on your side.  We are here to advise, advocate and act on your behalf in a range of situations that may arise between you and the City of Toronto.


- OR -

If you would like further information about COTAPSA before joining, please contact the COTAPSA office, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!